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30th Anniversary Limited Edition Club Car

Our club will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in July, 2019. To celebrate that event, we have partnered with American Models to produce a covered 3-bay "DuPont Alathon Polyethylene Resin" hopper car for us. This will be the first time this paint scheme is mass produced in S-Scale. We chose this car because it best represents the industries found in our region from the 1950's through 1960's era.

SJSG DuPont Alathon Polyethylene Resin hopper car

  (Actual production image.  100% made and assembled in the USA by American Models.)

To help us celebrate our anniversary by purchasing this car, click on this link: DuPont Car order form. The car will be produced with 3 car numbers (one number '78919' is non-prototypical reflecting our July 1989-2019 anniversary). A choice of scale or hi-rail trucks & couplers will also be available.

The DuPont Alathon product

DuPont Alathon Polyethylene Resin was made by the Polychemicals Department of DuPont in two basic forms: granular powders and low-bulk density powders. Once melted, the resin could be extruded to make plastic films and various coatings. The translucent resin was perfect for molded products for almost any use; such as food-grade product containers and bags, potable water pipes, or even to make safety glass.

The Alathon resin powder was shipped all across the country and the covered hopper cars could be found on any railroad. Any manufacturing industry that made plastic-based products, and serviced by a railroad, could find a DuPont Alathon car on their tracks. This fact should make it possible for any modeler to run this car on their layout.

To place an order...

Anticipated delivery of the car is July 2019. If you order multiple cars, you can take advantage of a discounted price. Specific pricing, shipping and order options are available on our order form, Click here for the order form.

If you have questions or need more information, please email:

An archived DuPont commercial about their Alathon product can be found here: DuPont Alathon Promotion Video

Car Availability Status...

There are only 3 club cars left (#78919). There are less than a dozen cars left of each the remaining two numbers. Both scale and hi-rail trucks/couplers are still available.

Feedback from folks who bought cars...

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